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Come out to St. Louis Catholic Church, on White Station, and join other men,
who are enriching their lives! Learn more about your Catholic Faith from
keynote talks and fellowship. AND HEY... BRING A FRIEND!

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Bryan Watson Talks About MMOS St Leo’s Lunch 03/06/2018

February 27th 2018 Fr Yoelvis and Charlie Kenny Witness Talk

Monstrance / 100 Club / MMOS 7 Day Adoration

Below are the three links we promised to send out as discussed at end of lunch today.

1.Monstrance Restoration for Fr Yoelvis 

Bryan Shaver is collecting $3000 ($1005 collected to date) to restore a monstrance. We are looking for 100 guys to chip in $30. Bryan has already chipped in $250 and myself $30. So we only need really around 90 more guys. If you want to help send from friend to friend in PayPal $30 to Bryan Shaver. His PayPal email is We will keep a running total. Bryan’s cell is 901-338-7638

2.  When you see Bill today tell him you signed up for the MMOS 100 Club. Join him today at

3.  SEVEN DAYS OF ADORATION FOR MMOS!/showSignUp/10c0e4aa5ae2ea0fe3-seven


St Leo’s Lunch Father Bryan Timby

St Leo’s Lunch Lee Blair Witness Talk

Mark Ginter 5th and Final. Do you want to be happy? St Leo’s Lunch

St Leo’s Lunch Deacon Norman Speaks on Flame of Love / Bob Trainor Witness Talk

St Leo’s Lunch Mark Ginter part 4 / Bryan Shaver Witness

St Leos Lunch Jan 9th Dr Mark Ginter Part 3 Do you want to be happy?


St Leos Lunch December 19th 2017 Father Ben Bradshaw