Archives for June 2013

Common Sense

Taking a look at the common sense of the Catholic Church teachings  in relation to Jesus Christ, Deacon Jeff shares on controversial topics of faith. Learn more about your Catholic faith, listen to this short podcast. Dive deeper into your spirituality, and recognize the grace and love our Lord has for you.


Faith & Science with Fr. Ben Bradshaw

Faith and Science you say?  Father Ben Bradshaw shares on the hot topic of the Darwin Theory, Evolution. Take a quick listen to this interesting subject, and learn a little more about your Catholic faith. Then share it with a friend.


Relics in Our Catholic Faith

Hot Topic! RELICS… How often do you come into conversations about these things called relics? Do you know enough about them, and understand their place, in our Catholic faith? Deacon Jeff shares on the topic of relics. Take a quick listen to this great podcast.