Monstrance / 100 Club / MMOS 7 Day Adoration

Below are the three links we promised to send out as discussed at end of lunch today.

1.Monstrance Restoration for Fr Yoelvis 

Bryan Shaver is collecting $3000 ($1005 collected to date) to restore a monstrance. We are looking for 100 guys to chip in $30. Bryan has already chipped in $250 and myself $30. So we only need really around 90 more guys. If you want to help send from friend to friend in PayPal $30 to Bryan Shaver. His PayPal email is We will keep a running total. Bryan’s cell is 901-338-7638

2.  When you see Bill today tell him you signed up for the MMOS 100 Club. Join him today at

3.  SEVEN DAYS OF ADORATION FOR MMOS!/showSignUp/10c0e4aa5ae2ea0fe3-seven


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