Deacon Justin Mitchell invites you to join him at St Leo’s Lunch July 10th

Steve Signaigo – Guardian Angels -St Leo’s Lunch May 8th 2018

Today Steve Signaigo gave a powerful speech about Guarding Angels at St. Leo’s Lunch, watch it here if you missed it, or if you want to see it again!

Stress: Is It Healthy or Dangerous?

We often consider all stress to be bad for us, but in this video Fr. Mike makes the case for stress—eustress, that is, or the kind that compels us to take action. He illustrates how a life without stress can easily become lethargic, lifeless, and even dangerous to one’s health. So hopefully this video will give you the boost you need to tackle that next daunting task by helping you not stress about being stressed.

Fr. Mike is also a presenter in these faith formation programs from Ascension:

Belonging: Baptism in the Family of God (
Chosen: This is Your Catholic Faith (
Altaration: The Mystery of the Mass Revealed (
YOU: Life, Love, and the Theology of the Body (

Get 18 of Fr. Mike’s best Ascension Presents videos in this exclusive DVD from Ascension:
Ascension Presents … Fr. Mike Schmitz (

Fr. Mike spoke at the Ascension Cafe during the World Meeting of Families. Watch him and other speakers get fired up over the gospel in the Ascension Cafe DVD (

Monstrance / 100 Club / MMOS 7 Day Adoration

Below are the three links we promised to send out as discussed at end of lunch today.

1.Monstrance Restoration for Fr Yoelvis 

Bryan Shaver is collecting $3000 ($1005 collected to date) to restore a monstrance. We are looking for 100 guys to chip in $30. Bryan has already chipped in $250 and myself $30. So we only need really around 90 more guys. If you want to help send from friend to friend in PayPal $30 to Bryan Shaver. His PayPal email is We will keep a running total. Bryan’s cell is 901-338-7638

2.  When you see Bill today tell him you signed up for the MMOS 100 Club. Join him today at

3.  SEVEN DAYS OF ADORATION FOR MMOS!/showSignUp/10c0e4aa5ae2ea0fe3-seven


St Leo’s Lunch Father Bryan Timby

Mark Ginter 5th and Final. Do you want to be happy? St Leo’s Lunch

St Leos Lunch Jan 9th Dr Mark Ginter Part 3 Do you want to be happy?


St Leos Lunch December 19th 2017 Father Ben Bradshaw


St Leos Lunch Keller Ginter Vision Meeting


Your Mother called:

She wants to have lunch with you and your brothers at her Father’s house tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the Feast of the Assumption, a holy day of obligation.  St. Louis’ noon Mass offers a convenient way to fulfill the obligation.  To make it even more convenient, we are cancelling St. Leo’s lunch.


IMAGINE 75-100 men literally “in Communion” with each other as members of the body of Christ, sharing the Eucharist as our noonday meal, celebrating the solidarity that comes from Christ within us.  It will be a dramatic example of authentic manhood.

This is a very important opportunity in many ways:

  • To honor the way Mary let God interrupt her life by joyfully allowing Him to interrupt our plans.
  • To live out the Consecration of our Diocese to Mary, thus fulfilling the desire of Bishop Holley and Fr. Jolly to allow Mary into our lives.
  • To model authentic manhood by showing our sacrifice as a way to love and honor Jesus and His mother; to show with our actions what our priorities are.

Will you walk the walk?

May our Blessed Mother continue to show us the way to her son, Jesus Christ,

The St. Leo’s Lunch Planning Committee