Catholic Teachings of Faith and Spirituality

Searching for more teachings of the Catholic faith? Spirituality has many topics in our Christian world today. Listen to this series of short podcast and learn more about the Catholic Church.

St. Leo’s Welcomes Rabbi Micah D. Greenstein, D.D. 08/15/2018

This week at St. Leo’s Lunch we had a great speech by Micah Greenstein, Senior Rabbi at Temple Israel. Rabbi Micah spoke about what Christians and Jews can learn from one another

St Leo’s Lunch, John Edwards “What God Intends Us To Be.”

Frank Gattuso, Ave Maria St Leo’s Lunch 07/17/2018

Scott Bahrke, Witness Talk St. Leo’s Lunch 07/17/2018

Faith and Mercy Deacon Justin Mitchell St. Leo’s Lunch 07/10/2018

Sam Rodriguez Conversion Story St. Leo’s Lunch 06052018


This week at St.Leo’s Lunch, Sam Rodriguez gives his powerful witness talk about his coming back to the Catholic Church.

Taylor Tagg, The Gift of Life St. Leo’s Lunch 052918

Judge Tim Dwyer talk at St Leo’s lunch 052218

Scotty Sneed Witness Talk St Leos Lunch 052218

Taylor Tagg Invitation to St Leos Lunch Tuesday May 29th